Multi Media Flower Vases

Collaged Multi-Media Flower Vases Hi everyone!  Amy here. I have a fun lesson on collaged multi-media flower vases with a few variations that are easily done with at-home materials!  I did an example with oil pastel, watercolor and fabric scraps. But, there are plenty of things to use if you don’t have any of the […]

Sew at home with me

Hi all! I am so sorry this has taken so long for me to get up!! Figuring out zoom and zooming all day is my new passion. I hope everyone is staying creative at home. No? Well, let’s do some doll sewing together. This project is good for girls, boys, parents.. whoever. You can adjust the pattern to make it your own. Background of Doll […]

Weaving at Home

Cardboard Loom Weaving Hi everyone!  It’s me, Amy. Trying to stay busy by making things in my home all day long and excited to share a ‘how to’ on this cardboard loom weaving I made! Not only is it awesome, but the actual weaving is quite relaxing and satisfying, I find. Hope you all enjoy! […]