Machine Sewing from Home

Hi All.. this is Jaimee. This is the first blog post of many for our sewists who have a machine at home and need some fun ideas to work on. Our newest sewing teacher Mrs. Deanna hooked us up with this super sweet project and video!

I have a feeling you guys have some extra time on your hands. Plus, this shelter-at-home time is good for one special thing: bonding with family! So, we give you this fun interactive memory game project to work on. It’s your typical memory game, but using different scraps of fabric you have at home instead of paper. Plus, you can take it to the next level by using clear vinyl to make little pockets in which you can place a drawing, a leaf, flower petal, whatever!

If you need us to help hook up some supplies for you, please just shoot us an email at We will gladly leave some supplies curbside for you. Lord knows we have enough scraps.


* Scrap fabric for the background of memory ‘cards’, enough for 2 sides each x as many cards as you want. (at least 30/15 matches I think!)

* Smaller pieces of scraps of whatever you have laying around the house for your ‘images’ on your matching cards

*Scissors, pins, sewing machine, ruler, paper to make a pattern.

*Bonus material: vinyl from a container around the house or old shower curtain. You can even use the thick plastic from one of the bigger, thicker zip lock baggies.

HOW TO: Watch Video!!

HOW cute is this game?
Bonus points for adding clear vinyl pockets to your game..
Fill the vinyl sleeves with pictures or cool elements from nature.

We want to see some pics and video of your games that you make at home!

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