Fashion Camp Photos!

Fashion camp was such a blast! Each kid started by drawing their dream outfit on Monday morning, and by Tuesday we had all of their fabrics ready and we got to work! Check out these incredible outfits that our students created from conception to completion!

Here are all of the looks in front of the mural that we painted together.

Next, let’s check out some photos from our park photo shoot, shall we?

Finally – Red Carpet Ready!

Thanks for checking out all of our photos, goodbye for now!

Cup and Cake for @sewasoftie

Happy Friday! We are back on the blog promoting #sewasoftie for Mrs. Trixi of @sewasoftie! Each day of the month of July there is a fabulous teacher showing our at-home hand sewers a different adorable stuffy to sew. We are super lucky to share our day today with Julia of Old Spool Sewing! Check her out on insta at @Julia_oldspoolsewing. She made a narwhal pattern for you to make!

Make sure to head over to @sewasoftie to see all of the neat projects that are available!

So, of course we had to think of our favorite softie patterns that we would want to share with the hand sewers of the globe and of course, we had to include our signature CUP and CAKE!! These are our most famous stuffies that we have been making for the last five years that bring the big time love from all of our sewers.

Links to the tutorials:



And, I can personally attest to the fact that babies and dogs love these also!!

Have fun and please tag us with your work on insta so we can see!! @paintboxartstudio.

Wynton Marsalis Coloring Page

Wynton Marsalis is an internationally acclaimed jazz and classical musician as well as a leading advocate of American culture.

From the biography on his website,, “Marsalis’ core beliefs and foundation for living are based on the principals of jazz. He promotes individual creativity (improvisation), collective cooperation (swing), gratitude and good manners (sophistication), and faces adversity with persistent optimism (the blues). With his evolved humanity and through his selfless work, Marsalis has elevated the quality of human engagement for individuals, social networks and cultural institutions throughout the world.”

Let’s all put on some Wynton Marsalis and get colorin’!

Nelson Mandela Coloring Page

Our teacher Maria Cruz has created another coloring page featuring Nelson Mandela–a social rights activist, politician and philanthropist. Please watch this short informative video about his life and print out our coloring page.

If you would like to turn in your completed coloring page to the bin in front of the studio, we will be hanging them in our windows for all to see!

Still I Rise – Maya Angelou Coloring Page

Maya Angelou

Parents: You can take action and express support for the black community by educating your children about race and racial history in our country. It is imperative that we expose our children to black culture in everyday ways to slow the cycle of passive racism that exists in our communities. 

A compelling way to teach children about black culture and history is through art. One of our fantastic teachers and artists, Maria Cruz, has created some beautiful coloring sheets for us that feature black art and culture. Our first coloring sheet features The Maya Angelou poem ‘Still I Rise’, which aims to be an anthem of hope amidst the struggle to overcome prejudice. Please use this coloring sheet as a starting point in your conversation with your kids about race and the history of racial inequality in our country. We will continue to create new sheets weekly. 

Starting Wednesday, we will have a bin out front of the studio for parents to drop off coloring sheets completed by their children. We will be hanging them in our studio window for all to see. Please join us in creating these beautiful images and sending a message of support to the black community. 

In the area around the Maya Angelou image, we ask that you personalize your picture. Maria suggests that you look up African Adinkra symbols and draw the ones you feel connected to in the blank part of the picture. These symbols have strong meanings and are another great educational tool for your children.

Thank you Maria for providing this beautiful art for us. #blacklivesmatter

Maria Cruz @artist_mariaecruz
Art by Maria

Mini Piñata Tutorial

Ever thought about making a mini piñata? It can be made out of old cereal or snack boxes and can be filled with fun treasures! We should all be having mini piñata parties at home, I think.

This awesome ‘how-to’ video by our teacher Maria Cruz shows you step-by-step instruction on how to make a sugar skull piñata. But of course, your piñata can be anything you’d like it to be! Unicorns, pandas, mermaids, sloths? Just follow along and you’ll have an amazing piñata in no time!


Scissors, Glue Stick, Chipboard (cereal/snack box/cardboard), Masking Tape, Tissue Paper or Crepe Paper (various colors), Pencil, Ruler

More Minis – A Cupcake!

We’ve added a mini cupcake to our miniature collection and made a tutorial so you can too. It’s ridiculously cute.

Here’s the printable pattern:

First, cut your pieces. Then, create a jagged zig zag line at the top of your cupcake wrapper.

Next embroider a bunch of parallel lines to create the pleated look of the cupcake wrapper. You can jump from line to line as long as you only do so on the inside of the wrapper so you have clean lines on the outside. Then, fold it right sides together and sew the open side shut, like so:

Next, sew the bottom circle into the bottom of the wrapper while it’s still inside out. Then, flip it around and your cupcake wrapper is complete!

Now it’s time to sew the cupcake top. Start with two triangles, right side them together and sew one side shut. Then, open them up and add in the next pice, sewing them in one by one, always right sides together.

Continue until you’ve gotten all the way around and sewn the last piece shut to the pice you began with.

Next, we want to make some small tucks around the sides of the cupcake top so that it will fit into the cupcake wrapper. On each seam, make a very small fold and stitch it in place. Don’t over fold, because we want it to fit on top of the wrapper nicely.

Now we get to put the cupcake into the wrapper! Place it just inside the top of the wrapper and pin it in place. Then, sew around using a running stitch, leaving a small opening for the stuffing.

Once it’s stuffed, close the hole.

Now, twist the top of the cupcake until you have a nice swirl and it has more of a point at the top and stitch it in place.

Apparently it already looks super delicious!

Next step is to make a swirl around the top of the cupcake with some sparkly hot glue and add some gems, seed beads, or anything you have that will look like sprinkles. We made small felt cut outs for ours because that’s what we had!

If you want to add a little face like we did, go ahead and cut out a mouth, glue on some googly eyes, and voila! Cutest mini cupcake ever?!

As always, let us see all your mini everything! Thanks for following along!

Radial Design Project

A radial design is based on a circle, with a balanced design extending from the circle’s center. Our teacher Maria Cruz made this video with easy to follow step-by-step directions oh how to create your own at home. There are so many different options and designs to explore with this project, so make sure to try a few different patterns out and have fun!


A plate, pencil, paper, vellum tracing paper, scissors, eraser, tape, and either colored pencils, watercolor, or markers.

Hope you all enjoy this tutorial, and make sure to share what you create!