Meet Jaimee


I am a lover of art, gardening, teaching and karaoke. I am a loving partner and a mother to a 12 year old daughter, a five year old puppy-son and a brand new baby!! My happy place splits time between getting my hands covered with dirt, paint or thread and eating a meal of udon, banh bao and oysters.

After graduating from UC San Diego, I attended FIDM in Los Angeles and worked as a clothing and swimwear designer in the surf industry in Orange County, California, for 13 years. After my stretch in Newport Beach, San Diego was calling me back home. I am very happy to be back and teaching fine art and sewing to children and adults for the last 5 years and raising my daughter in the most beautiful city in Southern California!

I have taught children’s fine art classes, arts and crafts camp, adult art, sketching, sewing and needle-craft for 20 years. My own adventure in art began in Northern California as I painted animal portraits while breaking to pluck and eat raspberries off of a nearby bush during Mrs. Shaha’s outdoor painting class as a child.

Shortly after, I began sewing camp in the summers with local sew-guru Mrs. Ito. She spoiled her students with home made cookies and Kool-Aid during snack break (you can see all of my memories are food-centric). These home grown art and sewing classes guided me through the fundamentals of each craft while creating a strong and meaningful relationship with art that continues to influence my life.

Why Paint Box?

With Paint Box Art Studio, I will foster the same loving and supportive relationship between our students and art.

The name pays homage to my favorite childhood book : Panda Bear’s Paint Box. The Illustrator Christopher Santoro really knows his stuff(!).. The way the paint is illustrated is so bright and shiny; it jumps off the page. As a child, I would stare at his pictures for hours.


An Artist’s paint box is such a personal, unique and, in my case, messy treasure. But, it’s a beautiful mess.