Doll Makeover

Remember when we sewed a doll in quarantine week one out of the dish rags we had hanging around the house? If you don’t.. see our ‘come sew with me’ post where we give you the doll pattern and a pattern for a horse too. Fast forward a few week and our Doll got a make over!

I have included a shorts and shirt pattern for both your doll and your horse below. The instructions are the same.. stitch together your shirt at the shoulder and the side seam and your shorts at the side seam and the crotch. Make sure when you print these patterns out you select ‘fit to page’ for a 8.5×11 sheet. This should fit our previous doll pattern perfectly.

Then you just shove her malleable body into the shirt and shorts. The one adjustment you will need to make(photo below): once the shorts are on, pinch the back to make them tight and then stitch in place.

You can add your own special details to your shirt or shorts. Our shirt has a sewn on collar and some embroidery detail. For her face, we used embroidery floss and for her her hair, we just stitched down some fabric.

Here is a shot of the back pant pinch

Happy Decorating!

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