Hand Blown Eggs

In simpler times we had a really fun adult egg paint at MRH Interiors. So fun!

For you Easter celebrators! We love doing hand-blown eggs around the studio during the spring months and sadly, this year it’s not to be!

But, you can easily blow out eggs at home! Just use a big needle to make a small hole on top of the egg and you make a slightly bigger one on the bottom. My mom likes to shake the egg before blowing to break everything up. Once you poke the holes, you just get in there and blow.

What follows is truly gross but it will only take a minute to get the job done. After blowing out the yolk, we like to run them under cold water and blow that out as well…

egg top
egg bottom

Once your egg is good and cleaned out, get your paint on! You should make a small ring out of paper and tape to hold your egg. We use acrylic paint and don’t seal them after.. but you can. If you want to add some extra fun, I always like doing the cross lines with hot glue and filling them in. I also used white out that we had around our vacation home to do the white dots on the green egg. Bonus points for gold pen and gold foil.

Here are some sweet egg ideas! If you were in our animal drawing class this week, you now know how to make every bunny pose and this amaze chicken. Send us your egg pics! We love painting eggs.

If you want to *hang* your eggs, perhaps on a cute egg tree, you can! Make your holes a little bigger and insert a ribbon. The bottom will have a knot to hold it in place and you will tie it onto your tree with the top of the ribbon.

Happy Decorating!!

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