Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Here’s a video tutorial for our zipper pouch!


1: Use a standard piece of paper to cut two pieces of fabric. One will be your outer fabric, and the other will be your inside liner.

2: Place your fabrics WRONG sides together (I know, I know, we never do that!) and carefully fold in one of the shorter edges 1/2 an inch and iron it in place. Make sure the clean side of your fold is on the fabric you are using for the outside of the pouch.

3: Carefully pin the ironed edge to one side of the top of the zipper. Right next to the part you zip open. Then sew it down.

4: Repeat the process on the other side of the zipper making sure the bag is lined up nicely.

5: Turn your pouch inside out and lay it flat so that the zipper is in the center of the pouch. VERY IMPORTANT: your zipper must be half way open!

6: Pin both sides of your pouch shut. Make sure the open end of your zipper is pinned perfectly side by side so it will zip shut nicely.

7: Sew the sides shut and backstitch each corner and over the zipper on both sides. Make sure you backstitch up and off each edge to make sure all of the corners are completely sewn shut.

8: Trim your threads and carefully cut off the extra zipper that is hanging off the edges. Don’t cut too close to your stitch!

9: Flip your pouch right sides out and you’ve got yourself a zipper pouch!

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