Siggy’s Tiny Art Show

Hi Everyone! Do you know Ms. Amy’s bearded dragon, Ms. @siggy_sue? She is quite famous around the studio. Children LOVE to make her clothing, accessories, furniture, anything you can think of. She has quite the wardrobe and apartment.

So, that brings us to ‘Siggy’s Tiny Art Show,’ inspired by @tinyartshow on instagram! Students will create a bearded dragon themed piece of art (extra points for recreating famous artworks) and give it a decorative frame! We love gold frames, just sayin’. Then, Ms. Amy will curate a tiny art show for Siggy Sue’s viewing pleasure.

We have created a template for you to print. Or, just follow the size guidelines on this sheet.


1.) Use one of the templates attached for your mini art: Oval, Circle or Square. 
2.) Use any medium to create a work of art that involves Bearded Dragons – you can use any type of paper or mini canvas as long as it is equal to or smaller than the template size. If you are feeling very adventurous, you can even create a small sculpture!
3.) Add a FANCY frame to your work… bonus points for golden frames!
4.) All artwork is due to the drop box at the studio by May 8th at 12pm!
5.) Our show will be live streamed online May 11-15 and available for mini viewing outside the studio for a big gallery opening once the quarantine is over. 
6.) All participants will receive a Siggy’s Art Show tee shirt featuring the art from the show!!
7.) Please email jaimee@paintboxartstudio or amy@paintboxartstudio so we know you are participating!

“Siggy Lisa” by Ms. Jaimee

Here is Siggy eagerly awaiting her show:

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