Scrunchie Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial on how to make a scrunchie!


1: Cut a strip at least 3 inches wide (4/4.5 for a bigger scrunchie) and 15 inches long.

2: Fold right sides together and pin.

3: Sew along the open edge of the strip.

4: Using a safety pin, flip the fabric so it’s right sides out. Attach the pin to one end of the strip and feed it through the inside of the fabric until it has come out the other end.

5: Using the same safety pin technique, feed your elastic through the entire strip. Measure around your wrist and cut.

6: Backstitch your elastic shut.

7: Fold in one edge of your fabric and tuck the other edge inside the folded edge. Backstitch shut.

8: Trim threads and voila! You’ve got yourself a scrunchie!

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