The Sewing Lesson that Nobody Asked For – How to Make a Platypus

Cause why not? Here’s our printable platypus pattern. Make sure the pattern prints to a full 8.5×11. First, cut your pieces from your fabric and place the body pieces right sides together. Whip stitch around the outer edge leaving the top of the head open. (The head is the wider end). Then, flip it right […]

Siggy’s Tiny Art Show

Hi Everyone! Do you know Ms. Amy’s bearded dragon, Ms. @siggy_sue? She is quite famous around the studio. Children LOVE to make her clothing, accessories, furniture, anything you can think of. She has quite the wardrobe and apartment. So, that brings us to ‘Siggy’s Tiny Art Show,’ inspired by @tinyartshow on instagram! Students will create […]

Mini Turtle Pin Cushion (or stuffie!) Tutorial

Everyone needs a turtle pin cushion, right? So let’s make one! Here’s our printable pattern and tutorial! 🙂 First, start by cutting out all of your pieces. And there’s a lot! Then, we’ll sew the shell first. Take the middle of the shell and one of the side pieces, and right side them together, lining […]

Grab Bag 5 – My Mini Shop!

We’ve really got some fantastic mini shops here! SO good that we had to choose TWO winners for this week. Congratulations to Billie and Julia with “Billie’s Bedazzled Bakery and Desserts,” and “Ziggy’s Pet Paradise!” Can I come shop now?? Let’s check out everyones great work: Billie with “Billie’s Bedazzled Bakery and Desserts!” Emily with […]

Grab Bag 4 – Magical Fairy Lands

My favorite grab bag yet! You guys are so awesome and creative. These fairy lands turned out truly beautiful and I would live in any one of them! Our winner of this grab bag is a first time grab bag challenge contestant, Nora Stallone! Congratulations Nora! We love how you incorporated so many natural materials […]

Mini Cake Stuffie – Hand Sew

Hi everyone! We have a SUPER cute miniature cake stuffie tutorial for you. All done with hand sewing material, no machine required! Step 1: Pattern Time! We’ve made a pattern for you to print. Just make sure you’ve selected “fill the page” when printing so that the pattern prints at the accurate size. The cake […]