My Mini Shop!

Hi Everyone! We wanted to share this week’s grab bag theme with everyone because we are loving this project and it can easily be done at home with whatever materials you have. If you don’t know, each week we create a grab bag for curbside pick up full of materials and supplies to get creative with. Each bag revolves around a different theme. For example, we’ve done “magical fairy lands,” “Easter worlds,” and “paper dolls!” Plus, we have many more exciting ones to come! I have been taking this time to do some SERIOUS studio organizing and have found some real gems for our upcoming bags! 🙂

So, this week’s theme: My Mini Shop!

We created a worksheet to fill out and get ideas flowing. Just print this sheet to begin!

I’m a little too obsessed with my pet lizards as many of you know (yes, lizards plural, I’ve adopted a second during quarantine). I made a mini lizard coffee stand inspired by Meshugguh Shack in Mission Hills to put the new baby in. Here’s my worksheet along with photos of the finished “Lazy Lizards” cafe!

We hope this gives you a little inspiration and that you create your own mini shops at home! Make sure to share what you make with us! We can’t wait to see!

Miss you all! -Ms. Amy