Tablecloth Playhouse

This is an adorable at home project that will keep your children happy and busy. What more could you want? The video below has step by step instructions, so follow along and have a playhouse made out of old bed sheets in no time!

Materials: Extra sheets and a homemade window frame pattern.

Step 1: Lay the sheet over your table and pin the sides shut. Then, draw a line as your guide for sewing and sew the four sides shut. Once they’re sewn, it will fit perfectly over your table.

Step 2: Cut a door. Using a pillow case as a template for size, cut out the door from a different material and pin it to the front of your sheet.

Step 3: Making the window template frame. The frame is a 10×10 square, and inside draw 4 even squares to make it look like a four pane window. Cut them out.

Step 4: Cutting the windows. Cut out the windows in a different fabric than the house is made of (perhaps the same as the door). You want two window pieces cut. Then, pin them to either side of the house.

Step 5: Fold in the raw edges of the door and pin. Then, draw a line up the middle of the door and pin that as well.

Step 6: Sew your door and both your windows down.

Step 7: Cut out the squares in the windows, and cut straight up the middle of the door.

Step 8: Return the tablecloth to the table and start to play!

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