Mini Hand Sew Cup

As promised, we have a matching mini cup to go with mini cake! We made a revised pattern for the cup, so please print this sheet below:

Start by prepping all of your felt pieces. Cut out the pattern, trace them on your felt and cut one of each piece. Then, pin down the long strip across the large piece of the cup, and using a running stitch, sew it down.

Then, fold the cup right sides together and whip stitch the open side shut.

Next, place the top of the cup right side down along the top opening of the cup. Whip stitch all the way around. Then, turn it right sides out.

Time to stuff! Fill the cup with stuffing and whip stitch the bottom of the cup all the way around.

Cut out a mini straw, fold it lengthwise and stitch the opening shut. Make a little whipped cream with some white felt if you’d like, cut out a mouth, add some googly eyes and glue everything down!

Cutest cup ever? I think so. Let us see your mini cups and mini cakes and let us know what other mini hand sew tutorials you’d like to see. Let’s start a whole collection!